I'm really wondering...
    How has human life changed so suddenly?
   The cities are deserted, the streets are empty.
    The shops are closed and few people that are passing by in the deserted streets are wondering if what they are living is reality or a bad nightmare.
    An image unprecedented not only for our country, but for the whole planet..
    All humanity is upset,confronted by an invisible enemy, determined to strike and inflict great harm.

An enemy that does not discriminate. Extremely aggressive and often deadly. All the things that we took for granted now they are not.

  1st of April today, Easter is coming and it is going to be completely different from what we have lived until now.
   Perhaps this situation is a reason for us to understand more what the tru meaning of Easter is.
          Is it, the preparations, the obligations, the festivities, the gifts?
         Alll this is good, but Easter is something more ....
         That we might have never thought ..... it is reconciliation and true       communication with our Creator.
    It is the right time for man to find himself and his relationship with God, to think deeper, to be puzzled ...
   May it be a unique opportunity for all of us to open our hearts and draw close to Him Who gave His life for us.
    Let the message of His endless love and his sacrifice come into our homes and fill our hearts, embrace us and our families .....let it resurrect us spiritually .

                    Let's review everything, making a new start ....
                       Let us all be united with Love fighting our common enemy.

                           Happy and blessed April everyone!

        May God protect you all. Keep staying home to be safe!.