Romans 5 / 6-11

 6 For Christ, though we were still incapable of doing good, died for us, the wicked, at the appointed time.

7 It will be hard to live even for a just man. Perhaps one would decide to die for a good man.

8 But God, surpassing these limits, showed his love for us, for while we still lived in sin, Christ gave his life for us.

9 Now therefore, after God has delivered me from the condemnation, through the intercession of the crucifixion of Christ, much more he will save us also from the wrath to come.

10 Though we were enemies with God, the crucified death of His Son reconciled us with him; much more now that we have reconciled, his life will give us salvation.

11 Not only have we been reconciled, but also we are boasting of God, who has now given us this reconciliation through our Lord Jesus Christ.