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           Step Two

God has loved you first and wishes for you to love Him back with all your heart.This love is expressed by obeying His Holy Word.Only then you can be in communion with God and God

with you.
       "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God"
                                                                                        ROMANS 3:23
"But your iniquities have seperated you from God,your sins have hidden His face from you,so that he will not hear.
  For your hands are stained with blood,your fingers with guilt.Your lips have spoken falsely,and your tongue mutters wicked things
                                                                                         ISAIAH 59:2,3

   However He doesn't forcefully demand your obedience and love.He created you free and gave you the freedom to choose which path to follow.
    When you choose not to obey God leading a way of life that
contradicts His will,He will not press you or force you to obey.
    Nevertheless the choise you make conciously or  unconciously  embitters God and creates an unbridgable gap between you and Him.
As a result your relationship with Him is disturbed,starts to suffer
and your communication with Him is no longer possible.

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