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Our vision

  Our vision is that all  people should get to know Jesus Christ,
accept Him as their personal savior and start a renewed life with Him,a life
full of love ,joy, peace based on the teachings of the Holy Bible and the Holy Fathers of the church
A life filled with the complete presence, the power and the progressiveness
of Jesus that will be reflected in all aspects of everyday life.
To help support materially and spiritually the people,not only of our city but in every corner  of our country and the whole world, building a larger fellowship centered in Jesus Christ and guided by His Holy Word,that has the power in His everlasting love to radically transform people making them useful to their  fellow man and the society.

To support people,strengthening and empowering them mentally and spiritually through the saving intervention of Jesus Christ. So that the sorrowful will find true joy,the frustrated will be encouraged,the abandoned will find a true eternal friend,the sick will be healed,the wounded will be comforted,the desperate will find hope and overcome all the adversities of everyday life

with the power of Jesus Christ who
strengthens us
To help all people understand that the prayers and praises of true
believers has a catalytic power to overturn hopeless situations


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