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                                              4rd Step



All it takes is for you to make an important,maybe the most crucial for
your life decision,to approach Jesus Christ and ask for this divine and

incomparable love.                                                                                                  

Empty your heart honestly in front of Him because He is the only one
who can fully understand you.Confess to Him all the sins and mistakes
you have made in the past.Do not be afraid ,distance yourself from       
  everything that connects you with your sinful past,start a new life with
Him and the gap that separated you from God will be bridged.

Only Jesus Christ can help you get closer to God,really know Him
conciously and have a personal relationship with Him.He came to save
and not to condemn you.Only through Him you can have forgiveness    
for your sins and be saved.This acquaintance with Him will lead you to
be born again . God sent Him to draw you to a new life full of love,true
   joy and infinite peace .                                                                                            

"Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has
come from God,For no one could perform the signs
you are doing if  God were not with him.         

Jesus replied,Very truly I tell you,no one can see the
Kingdom of God unless they are born again."
                                John 3:2,3

"Seek the Lord while he may be found;call on him
  while he is near.                                                                           
Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous
their thoughts.                                                                           
Let them turn to the Lord,and he will have mercy on    
 them,and to our God for he will freely pardon."              
                                         Isaiah 55:6,7  

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