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  Our love for our Mother Orthodox Church and our respect towards
the divine ordinance inspired us to work independently from every
other Christian Fellowship,Denlomination,System of Doctrine
  A special independent Christian Fellowship with the purpose of
cultivating a system of the Primordial Church just as it was defined
by the original position of the Orthodox church:
  "which has been believed everywhere,always,by all"
 "As they travelled from town to town, they delivered the decisions
reached by the apostles and the elders in Jerusalem for the
people to obey" ACTS 16:4
  We believe that the great love of God can direct people to
solidarity, brotherliness, caring for each other, providence and salvation.
  We should all strive for a great return to the original roots of the church
the early Apostolic and Meta apostolic era
   A Reformed Orthodox Fellowship according to the standards and
measures  of the Apostolic church staying faithful to its divine character.
   Working towards the right direction so that the church will gain the
absolute trust of the people.
   With simplicity, spiritually attracting the youth who are the future of
every country, helping them avoid all kinds of abusive behaviours like
drugs and criminal acts.
   Serving the Gospel like true apostles, constantly and boldly inviting the
hurting to comfort, the disturbed to peace,the helpless to courage and
the sinner to salvation.
  We hope and labor to return to the roots of Christianity and.the unity of all believers[JOHN 17:21-22] so that one's problem becomes everyone's problem.

   Christianity should become a life system that should serve the body of
Christ, in needs, spiritually and physically.
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